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Dry Lavender


Think we can't live without plastic?
Think again!

For decades, plastic has made our lives more
comfortable and convenient. But plastic
usage is not sustainable and must be
changed. Plastic has flooded the planet and
become one of the biggest threats to life and
biodiversity. It has disrupted local economies
and negatively impacted the lives of so many
creatures, communities, and individuals. This
has to stop

We would like to take you on a journey towards a plastic-free economy. An economy that values local resources, avoids waste, and appreciates recycled goods.

We have put together a range of daily-life products that make a difference. Locally produced, re-cyclable or upcycled from used goods, repairable and free of plastic and problematic chemicals. Join us for a plastic-free world!

Let’s one day enjoy clean beaches again!

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