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Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Some quick tips which help you to have a greener lifestyle in 5 minutes!

1/ Donate your old clothes/ Buying second-hand clothes:

As statistic, fast-fashion companies are the second big consumer of water in the world and account for 8-10% of carbon emissions, which is more than emissions from airplanes and ships combined. The work of making the supply chain for fashion is a real headache and it is essential to donate the old clothes or using second-hand clothes. It not only helps to solve the problems to provide clothes for poor people, but also helps to increase the life cycle of the clothes.

2/ Do not use cosmetics containing microplastic particles:

Microplastic cosmetics contained microplastics that often have the following ingredients: polyethylene, poly, polystyrene, polylactic acid, etc. These "Poly" poured directly into the sewers, into the ponds and lakes will increase the volume of plastic, polluting the ocean and becoming food for sea ​​animals.

Quick tips on how to live a green lifestyle

3. Too much shopping is not so nice for the earth! Either plastic or paper containers contribute to the increase of waste. In addition, along with the popularity of online shopping, CO2 emissions from delivery process have also increased uncontrollably. Any recycling and carbon emission reduction efforts will be ineffective if our emission continues to grow rapidly.

4/ Use soap bars from natural ingredients instead of shampoo

Soaps are usually packed in paper, while shower gel is usually packed in a plastic container. Therefore the soap packaging is easier to composed after being used. In addition, natural products will be safe and less irritating for users skin!

We hope that some small tips from us will help you live a greener lifestyle.


VivoVerda team

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