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Cancer has become a top health concern for all of us. There is currently no specific or specialised research listing all the reasons causing cancer. However, the causes typically root from our daily life.

Accordingly, some studies have shown that industrial scented candles contain many substances linked to bladder cancer, and paraffin is typical. Paraffin is a common compound often used to substitute candle wax in the scented candle due to its low cost.

Research has shown that poor quality scented candles made from paraffin or other artificial substances can quickly transform into carcinogens for users when being burned for a long time.

In addition to scented candles, paraffin is also widely used as an additive to industrial cosmetic products such as soaps and moisturisers. However, the excessive use of Paraffin also leaves many effects, namely:

- Itching, rash, redness, heat, pain or even inflammation of the skin

- Reduced cellular oxygen uptake, which can cause irritation and premature ageing in many people

- Not suitable for oily skin and sensitive acne skin

- Easily clog pores and promote the growth of blackheads

- Short moisturising time for skin

- If misused, paraffin will be contaminated with bacteria and heavy metals, which can cause skin cancer.

Because of the above-mentioned health problems, people have gradually begun to pay more attention to the composition of cosmetics in recent years. The search for more benign cosmetics with natural ingredients is becoming more and more popular.

VivoVerda commits not to use artificial additives such as Paraffin to produce scented candles, soaps, etc., to ensure safety for our clients, including pregnant women, children and the elderly.

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