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1/ Stop using single-use products:

Single-use plastic bags have such a heavy impact on the environment. The reason is that their production requires large amounts of fossil fuels leading to air pollution. In addition, plastic products are virtually indestructible and can take thousands of years to decompose. The destruction of plastic through fire and landfills also results in the release of toxic methane, CO2, and other harmful chemicals into the air. Disposable tissues or disposable products also lead to the similar problems.

2/ Avoid food waste

Many people let their leftovers languish in the fridge until they go bad and smelly. You can always heat them up and eat them or use them to create interesting dishes. For example, you can use leftover meat and vegetables to make a delicious soup. You can bake stale bread and make toast. Don't waste food! Think of hard-working farmers and overload Earth!

3/ Try to grow your own vegetables

Growing clean vegetables for your own family has become much more popular since the Covid-19 lockdown period. Growing your own green vegetables not only helps to cut costs, ensure food safety but is also a relaxing hobby for yourself.

4/ Prefer using organic, natural cleaning products

Organic dishwashing and cleaning liquids are no longer strange in today's life. Compared with chemical cleaners, organic products are somewhat benign and safer for users. In particular, organic cleaning products help limit most dermatological problems for users.

The most popular and simplest is hand soap, you can use natural handmade soap, with benign ingredients that are both safe for you and your family's health, and make the kitchen "greener".

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