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Check your green lifestyle level!

If green lifestyle was a game where all the bad players are to be eliminated, what type of player would you be? Let's check who you are with our game.

Terminator - a universe black hole. The typical "Fast Moving Consumer Goods" player who extensively uses single-use plastic products and consumes large amounts of meat and generates tons of waste in his/her daily life.

Sustainable Intern- a part-time green lifestyle player, who only lives a green life when it is convenient; for the remaining time they live as a “Terminator”.

Sprouter - minimizing disposable products and waste discharged into the environment. Fully equipped with ecofriendly and non-plastic items that can be reused many times before replacement!

Grand Master - Top 1 ranking in this Sustainability Game. In addition to owning themselves a reusable set of daily equipment, players are also equipped with the skills to recycle and upcycle their old stuff.

So who are you? Let's us know ;)


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