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For a greener life

We offer eco-friendly, non-plastic and natural
products to help you to live a greener lifestyle!

We started with a simple thought in mind – to create a better future for our communities, children, friends and families. Because we have no political power, influential friends or much money to spend we begun with a simple idea: let’s try to make our daily lives more sustainable by focusing on what we can do ourselves, in our lives and within our reach. We started living a greener life….And want to share with you what is needed to do so.

We hope this website will provide you with fresh ideas. Keep in mind that a green life starts with avoiding waste, reusing what you have and keeping your life simple!

VivoVerda's products are mostly made in Vietnam from 100% natural materials. You may find several similar foreign products being sold in the market at cheaper prices, but we don’t go for this. We choose to work with Vietnamese manufacturers to support their communities. These partnerships create jobs for low-income
farmers, widowed women and disabled people. Moreover, by working directly with Vietnamese suppliers we are able to control the product quality as well as the raw materials being used. 

We trust that our webshop will become a convenient place for your eco-friendly shopping! 


Together we will protect the environment for our future generations!

Our Approach


 100% natural materials 

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 Supporting communities 


 Transparent sourcing 

Our Bestsellers


We provide tailor-made, within your budget gift set! 
- Your company employees
- Your clients/ partners
- Anyone you love!

Corporate Quotation & discount available

VAT invoice 


Safe and green shopping with us

Free delivery for orders of 300.000 VND and up

No plastic used for packing your order!

Transparent return policy

Attractive membership program with lots of discounts

Meet our Team

Huong Nguyen- founder

Huong Nguyen, Founder

Being a mother is a miracle, and I want to give the best to my child. For my child to grow healthy and happy, I am always in search of daily items which are safe, transparent in origin and practical for my family. As a working mother, I cannot be with my child all day, so I often worry about he negative impacts of chemicals and pollution on child development. Therefore, choosing daily items which offer the best quality with natural materials makes me feel secure. By VivoVerda, I hope other mothers can find these products as beneficial as I did so our beloved children can lead a healthy and happy life

VivoVerda founder

Trang Nguyen, Founder

VivoVerda is something that I always dreamt of- a place to buy all the eco-friendly stuff for my house and support the community at the same time. I myself love the idea of supporting the vulnerable. Over the last few years, I have traveled to many places in Vietnam and it's always sad to see a lot of people struggling with making a living. That’s why, with VivoVerda, we're determined to work with Vietnamese suppliers to give them a hand and indirectly create jobs for poor farmers, widowed women, and disabled people. VivoVerda is not only a shopping place, it is where you can show your responsibility to the environment and and support
people who are more vulnerable.

Dung- Marketing

Dung Nguyen,
Marketing Executive

VivoVerda is an eco-friendly shop that
provides non-plastic products so that you can live a greener life. The world is changing more and more which negatively impacts the environment, and we believe that eco-friendly
products will save the planet for future
generations. Being “green” in daily life and “green” in the soul is a priority of mine that I have cherished for many years. I want to bring this value closer to our customers. VivoVerda is not just a shop, but a set of values in our customer's daily life.

VivoVerda products

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